Toon Boom

Many things happen to me these past few days and alhamdulillah I've done through it pretty well. ^_^

Mari bercerita pasal toon boom. OK honestly nak bagitahu, animation is not really my field. All the sketches and the cartoon, I like it but doesn't mean I want to make it myself. It's need many complicated steps that make me feel "uuggghhhh". That reflect how I'm not like to create an animation. Sketching, drawing, oh and one more thing..I'm really bad in drawing. Seriously no offense. It's suck! Hahaha.

Btw, I've succeed to go through the course for about 20++ days. I can't remember at all. Poor memory. Sob3. Back to the point, ok2, it is not bad at all, maybe it is just about mindset. Drawing, sketching and all of those things can be improve by a lot of practice. There is no such an easy way to achieve something aite.

This course had been sponsored by Mdec or MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) which also give us certificate on the last day of this course. And that cert is really worth it. This course is not just about animation, they also give lecture on soft skill which is more to the management purposes. So I got two things while taking this course, improve my soft skill which I really hope I can improve it and animation.

Mr Kumaran is the one give lectures about the soft skill. One thing to describe him, AWESOME. Why? Because he deserves that word. He's very open minded and share so much thing with us. Eventhough he's not a muslim and yet he know a lot about Islam. He's kind like a "ustaz" to me. I do hope to meet him again in the future.

Bro Hamid. He's the tutor for animation class. He's so boring. Talk2 at in front and me back there just facebooking and twittering. But surely I've learn much from him. Thanks Bro. Sorry for being rude in your class. Hahaha.

Before the last class, I've finished the project that have been assigned to us at it is about tooth. I don't care what others want to comment about it because I'm not really interested with it. The class finish on 17 June 2011.

When the class finish, that mean there are no free food anymore. Oh forgot to mention, this course also provide FREE food for us. Breakfast and lunch. So these past few days, I dont have spend money for food. Ngehehe ^_^

Last but not least. Thanks MSC and Mdec. Do come again next time, but not for me, for other students.

nota kaki: saya tak tahu mengapa saya mengarang dalam english..taw2 post dah siap..sigh..

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