I'm really excited to write this entry coz what, coz it's about the present that I received from one of my friends. Honestly, I'm truly deeply happy when I received the present coz I never expect that. Ok2, the stories begin here, it was really a heaven rain on that day, so I decide to take this person coz I know the rain will never stop at that time. This do not want me to get into trouble just bcoz want to pick 'this person'. At last I just pick up 'this person'.

On my way, the traffic was so uugghh, plus the heavy rain but I am getting used to it coz it is always rain every time I went back to my hometown. I just take my time and drive slowly to avoid any bad things happen. Arriving to the destination and I see this person face, this person look very tired. Maybe it's bcoz of the long journey from this person hometown.

We have some conversations and I asked 'Have u get ur lunch yet?'. This person just make her face and I just know the answer. Then I just bring this person to get some food to eat. Er, actually buying some food to this person.

I drive this person back to where this person staying, and at the moment this person get out from my car, this person told me that there is something for me in the dashboard's drawer, and told me not to even peek at it until I arrived at my place. At the time, only He know how curious I am.

There is it, I'm at my place now, and I want to see what the 'something' thing in my dashboard's drawer. OK, I saw a 'something' wrapped nicely. I took it and bring it to my room. It is lightly raining outside, so I just cover it with my sweater.

At my room. That 'something' is on my desk right now. I have a sit, and I open it slowly. Really slowly. It is a book. It's look like a min diary. At the cover, has a small not written there saying "Everything has the good mood." I just smile when I read that. Slowly started to open the book.

Fuuuhhh. I've never expect that there will be wishes in there. Tears starting to fall down and it is bcoz I'm really happy. The last page is the wishes from 'this person'.

This person said,

Hahaha, cant tell the rest la. =P
And this is the magic diary I received.

I'm writing here bcoz I just want to let for those who had wishes me, I'm really appreciate that. Truly deeply this is the best gift ever for my birthday. Thank You.

But who is 'this person'? Haha, I just call this person 'amoi'. OK. That it. - End -

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